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The Client

From humble beginnings over 20 years ago, Vegie Bar has grown to become one of Melbourne’s most popular haunts for both the health conscious and the hungry.

Serving a vast array of dishes inspired by the world over, Vegie Bar continues to treat the masses to delicious and accessible contemporary vegetarian cooking.

The Project

When creating a website for a restaurant it is vital to remember why users are visiting the site. Usually it is to answer a few simple questions: Where is it? When is it open? What can I eat there?

The site we created allows users to quickly get the answers to these questions and anticipates the information required based on the device used to access the site.

When visiting from a desktop computer, information pertaining to the restaurant’s food options is the top priority, while accessing from a mobile device means the location and opening times need to be more prominent.

The site was designed to symbolise a table top, with food laid out for a meal in a communal setting, to fit the aesthetic of the restaurant as well as the values that have made them famous.

All the information is presented on a single page with information, reviews and contact information that can be scrolled through or selected with the navigation.

The food also takes a prominent position, since that’s what most people want to see, and staff can easily update the images as the menu changes.

Along with creating the website, Hectare was also enlisted to design several pieces of promotional print and digital material for the launch of the concept restaurant Raw House, now known as Transformer.