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E-commerce & Registry Website – Wedding Registry

The Client

The Wedding Nest is a wedding registry business focused on helping newlyweds to keep their house looking great, no matter the gift giver.

Representing an array of aesthetic tastes, they stock a carefully curated inventory of homewares and other gifts, many of which are exclusive to the website.

The Project

Creating an e-commerce website requires an eye for detail, with carefully designed and coded package. The site has to appeal to users as well as stand out from competitors.

A balance must be struck between making the website easy to use and incorporating the brand’s unique character. The Wedding Nest has a strong personality that reflects the gifts they stock and we needed to make sure this was communicated.

Wedding registries also make the purchasing process a little more involved. Allowing for deferred payments and multi-buyer gift purchases are challenges that had to be overcome.

There were also standard features to attend to, such as stock management and reporting, payment processing, shipping and tax. The complexities of an e-commerce system can add up quickly, which is why the management of the site needed to stay as simple as possible.