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Digital Publication – Senior Interest Newspaper

The Client

The Senior is a publication run by media giant Fairfax. The Senior newspaper began in 1978 and has grown to be recognised as Australia’s leading newspaper tailored specifically for mature readers. Every month, The Senior distributes 429,508 newspapers across the country.

The Project

The Senior came to Hectare to resurrect its digital presence. The publication wanted to create something modern that would stand up to today’s digital standards, while still considering the core user base.

The challenge with this project was to present information to users in a way that was clear and simple, while still allowing for a level of complexity within the content and advertising hierarchy. Being a modern website, the design required the flexibility to present information clearly across all platforms.

The key to creating this bulletproof layout was in the grid system. Getting this right was paramount to how the content folds into the different responsive break points for tablet and mobile.

Advertising for the site was also a key consideration. Creating a platform that would allow targeted advertisements in a responsive environment presented as another challenge when considering layout.

Hectare provided in-house training to staff, in digital publication and administration of the website, at their central coast and Melbourne offices.