The Department of Treasury and Finance

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The Client

The Department of Treasury and Finance is part of Australia’s state-government infrastructure. Its main task is to provide economic and financial advice to the Victorian government, assisting with the delivery of its policies.

The Project

The Department of Treasury and Finance approached Hectare to build an internal portal that would fit within their existing intranet.

The intranet, while supporting a wide range of tasks and communication methods, was lacking the functionality, as well as visual appeal, that is required for the portal. It was important to create something that worked with existing tools and could be maintained internally with current resources.

The main task of the portal is to feature internal projects that have been green-lit and update people on the status of ongoing projects across the organisation.

The staff wanted to create a system that looked great, encouraging people to return and see what was new. As a result, the portal is constantly updated and highlights new information.

It has become a repository for success stories and allows staff to acknowledge the hard work that is being put in by co-workers. The tool also features a feedback tool for each project and allows staff to enter new ideas and start a dialogue with members of other teams. Through these interactions, skills can be shared across disciplines to achieve successful outcomes in a variety of areas.