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The Client

Free the Bird is the wedding photography company founded by Jai Long. Jai Long has a unique view of the world that translates into amazing photographic works.

Whether it’s a shot from a wedding in New Mexico or some of his pieces from travelling the world, there is something about his approach that captivates. Take a look at a recent photo essay he put together –  My First Year.

The Project

We have worked with Free the Bird for some time now, updating, maintaining and adding new features to the website as required. Jai spends most of his time shooting and editing photos. It’s important that uploading is smooth and easy, leaving him more time to concentrate on his passion.

We’ve created a streamlined system where he can upload all the photos at once, and then organise and catalog them after, instead of uploading them one at a time.

Since the photos need to be seen in high resolution to be appreciated, we also made sure the images are downloaded progressively, rather than all at once.

The website can also be used to order prints of Jai’s work. We handled the commerce and payment system to make sure that everything is easy for the team at Free the Bird, as well as their customers.