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E-commerce Website, Promotional Material – Eco Gifting

The Client

Bindle is an online, eco gift-giving store and the brainchild of Catherine Blackford. Faced with the recurring nightmare of trying to find an inspired gift for family and friends, Catherine decided to create a solution.

With an eye for detail, Catherine went about tailoring hand-made gift packages for specific occasions, all sustainable and all uniquely styled. Read more from Bindle’s Broadsheet review.

The Project

Bindle has been a long-standing client of Hectare for many years. Over this time, Hectare has designed and created their online storefront, worked on numerous digital promotions and created printed material varying from gift cards to promotional brochures.

The web site is clean, clear and simple – the way it should be – with no unnecessary complexities. Users can send gifts to friends or family in minutes. The aesthetics of the site strongly incorporates the brand’s identity and allows the tactile nature of the products to shine through.

Working with Tori Simson on the layout and photography design produced fantastic results, as usual. The product photography speaks for itself.