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E-commerce Website, Identity Design – Interior Design

The Client

Barnaby Lane is the latest addition to Melbourne’s furniture and interior design crowd. Inspired by Scandinavian and Nordic aesthetics, they hold dear the principles of sleek, minimalist design with a last-a-lifetime ethos.

Their curated collection of furniture and homewares is sourced from around the globe. Crafted to the highest quality from sustainably sourced materials, their furniture and homewares required a platform that shows off their exceptional quality.

The Project

Barnaby Lane came to Hectare to create a brand identity and, following that, an online storefront to sell their uniquely designed furniture and homewares.

The identity was created to reflect the product’s simple and modern style. Hectare created custom lettering accompanied by a classic font to achieve this.

The online storefront was developed using the Shopify platform, with custom integration design and development by Hectare. The web site was created with a definitive minimal style, allowing the product to sell itself.

Barnaby Lane has been an on ongoing client of Hectare and has proven itself as a successful startup, having been featured in numerous publications including Real Living.