Microsoft Azure

Web App Development – Tech Demo

The Client

The Microsoft TechEd Conference – now Microsoft Ignite – is a global, multi-day event that features presentations, showcases and hands-on labs.

In 2014, one of Microsoft’s goals was to showcase its Azure platform: a cloud server system that can be leveraged by businesses to expand the size, reliability and accessibility of their online presence.

Along with technical demonstrations, Microsoft was also looking to show off some of the creative ways that this cloud based network could be used.

The Sound of Azure is an online app that turns network data into a algorithmically generated soundtrack, allowing users to generate their own soundtrack based on data from their social network information.

The Project

Working alongside local games development company Current Circus, we built an application in Angular that was launched during the conference. Current Circus created a program that could process the network data provided by Microsoft and convert it to audio.

This was done with data provided by Microsoft partners, but allowed visitors to remix and compose soundtracks with a mixer and 3D visualiser that responds to the audio data.

The user-interactive component was generated on the fly and involved routing API data from Facebook and LinkedIn through Current Circus’ sound generation software, providing the user with a unique soundtrack based on connections between users on their social networks.